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ISSN 1812-7339

Технические науки
Runova E.M. 1, Kostyaev V.N. 1

1. Bratsk State University


The article presents a method based on the methods of mathematical modeling, in particular with the tools of graph theory (constructing minimum spanning tree). Described in detail search algorithm of optimal forest road network for transporting wood from reclaimed timber resources and takes into account the terrain, the presence of existing transport routes, the dynamics of silviculturaltaxation characteristics of stands and their growing conditions, the availability of existing logging roads and other parameters. Proposed mechanism for choosing the most profit forest areas and a way to connect them into a forest road network; derived formula for calculating affordability of forest resources; example scheme shortest network of logging roads, was found by the methods of mathematical modeling the technique of calculating the economic efficiency of the project. The method can be applied to any scale areas with different climatic conditions, species composition and quantitative supply of wood. Based on the proposed mathematical model for how a computer program to design a network of logging roads.

Keywords: optimizationof forestroad network, mathematicalsimulation, graph theory, economic availability of forest resources

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