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Scientific Journal
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Konoplev B.G. 1, Kovalev A.V. 1, Kalskov V.V. 1, Lukyanenko E.B. 1, Kalskov A.V. 1, Komarov I.A. 2

1. Southern Federal University
2. National Research University MIEE


For modeling memristors used as elements of memory, designed circuitry model that can be used in a design tool VLSI circuits, such as computer-aided design (CAD) Cadence. The proposed model is designed for use in CAD for design elements and blocks of non-volatile memory based on memristors. The function blocks are designed in a model language Spectre. Unlike its counterparts of the mechanism is to convert the intermediate value corresponding to a memory effect in the resistance of the memristor, which is reflected in the reducible sponsored expression. In addition, the thresholds imposed restrictions allow repeatedly reprogram the memory elements that are based on the developed model. The features of the functioning of the memristor in the boundary conditions. On the model obtained current-voltage characteristic of the memristor.

Keywords: memristor, schematic model, memory element

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