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Avdyushkin D.V. 1

1. Scientific-research Institute of humanitarian Sciences under the Government of the Republic of Mordovia


This article presents the main results of the cluster analysis for one hundred and fifty two agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Mordovia on data for the year 2010. The basis of the signs of classification were based on volumes of the basic resources of the enterprises (the area of agricultural land, the average annual number of employees, the average annual cost of main production funds, the size of the working capital Fund) and indicators of resource use intensity per 100 ha of agricultural land. The calculations were carried out on the basis of the application Programs Statistica 6.1, allowing the most widely implement applied statistical methods of forecasting. As a result of cluster analysis method of k-means reference population was divided into 3 groups. Built production kinetic functions, reflect the influence of the main production factors on the volume of the produced agricultural products and indicate the different influence of selected factors on the volume of gross production. In article it is shown that this influence varies depending on the size of the enterprises and the intensity of use of resources.

Keywords: production functions, cluster analysis, agricultural enterprises, production factors, the intensity of use of resources, the volume of agricultural resources, current assets.

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